Top Quality Burgers in CT

May. 62022

Top Quality Burgers in CT

There’s nothing better than finishing a day out in the sun with some high quality burgers from your local eatery. At the Old Greenwich Butcher Shop, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with quality meats that leave them wanting to come back for more. How do our burgers stand out when compared to other food places? Imagine smash burger, five guys and Shake Shack burgers combined. We focus on bringing the natural flavor to another level. In order to fully understand our shop, you must first learn all that we provide customers on a daily basis. 

Before you learn about a few options at our Butcher Shop, you should also learn more about who we are at Old Greenwich Butcher Shop. We are your local butcher serving up delicious food to the local communities. We pride ourselves in providing prime meats, butcher classes, sandwiches and other grocery items. We provide the necessities so that our customers can get certain grocery items while also getting lunch at the same time. Customer experience is one of our top priorities so from the second that a customer walks in, they are welcomed and questioned for what they are looking for. 

Old Greenwich Butcher Shop,

From there, our expert butchers will show each customer their options they may be interested in. We have a wide selection of meats and other additives that can help complete a delicious salad. When walking through the options with each customer, we focus on explaining why our meats are top quality along with what makes our salads special as well. There really is so much to offer at our butcher shop. With summer quickly approaching, we want to highlight some of our favorites to enjoy on a beautiful day out. 

First off, we prepare delicious short rib that can be enjoyed as a sandwich or separate. Along with this, we offer a multitude of sandwiches, one being the Ukrainian Resistance sandwich. This sandwich is highlighted with House roasted Turkey, Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut and Thousand Island Dressing. Our expert cooks focus on bringing the deliciousness with every sandwich, which is why we place this sandwich on our fresh Ciabatta. This sandwich brings lots of splendid flavors to your plate as each product is freshly made to ensure your sandwich is the best you’ll find in the area. 

Another sandwich that is highlighted on our menu is The French Beef. This sandwich has consistently been one of the top options for customers entering our shop. This sandwich consists of House made Roast Beef, Shaved Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato and Tarragon Mayo. Once again, this sandwich is also served on Ciabatta alongside many options for sides. This sandwich has everything that will leave your stomach happier than ever. This is a perfect option and with everything freshly cut in the kitchen, the sandwich’s taste is unmatched. 

Speaking of fresh, we specialize in providing customers with high quality burgers. Our burgers are grass fed beef patties that are filled with flavor. These are nothing compared to your average fast food burgers. For the bacon lovers, we have a bacon cheeseburger which consists of our ground beef patty topped with lettuce and tomato. We then provide options to add condiments such as caramelized onions or ketchup and mustard. Another must have is our special sauce that can be added to any sandwich on our menu. Our thick patties come on a toasted bun but with that, we offer two options, brioche buns or potato buns. Whatever you wish to have, our cooks will provide it with prime deliciousness. 

Interested in visiting our shop and ordering one of our high quality burgers after reading this? Visit our website here to learn more or come to our shop at 232 Sound Beach Ave in Old Greenwich. At Old Greenwich Butcher Shop, we pride ourselves in providing the best quality sandwiches, especially burgers. Open 7 days a week, we are excited to continue serving up delicious meals one burger at a time. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Top Quality Burgers in CT

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