At Old Greenwich Butcher Shop, their staff is always looking for new ways to make your experience with us incredible. We’re dedicated to servicing you, the customer, with the best services for your busy life. Old Greenwich Butcher Shop is happy to provide delectable prepared foods, reliable holiday orders, personalized classes, and events for patrons like you! Whether they’re catering for Thanksgiving or teaching you how to cut the finest meats, their staff is here to supply the greatest butcher services in Connecticut. 

In need of timely prepared foods for a quick lunch, dinner, or even catering? Old Greenwich Butcher Shop has you covered with their chef-prepared specials, ranging from full sandwiches to delicious sides, such as roasted brussels sprouts, baby back ribs, creamed spinach, and more! All of their mouth-watering sides are packaged individually for convenient storage and heating. Their gourmet sandwiches are made with top-quality cuts of meat, guaranteeing your ultimate satisfaction! These specialty sandwiches are made on fluffy ciabatta bread with various meats, from house-made roast beef to gorgeous Italian prosciutto. Old Greenwich Butcher Shop is proud to offer this wide selection for everyday dining services, as well as holiday or corporate catering. Your fantastic choice of catering is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any type of event. With fresh food like this, you can’t go wrong with Old Greenwich Butcher Shop! 

Holidays are stressful enough without worrying about your next meal, so let Old Greenwich Butcher Shop do the work for you! Catering for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even Easter will be a breeze with the help of their talented staff. They will ensure that you receive the best quality meal for your finest holiday events without lifting a finger! Take time to celebrate the holidays with your family rather than sweating over the stove for hours. Their catering services will be delivered timely and efficiently — Just in time for family dinner! They will provide your food in easy-to-use packaging so you can heat and serve your meal in no time. Additionally, Old Greenwich Butcher Shop will include their delicious sides and sauces at your request, enhancing the rich flavor experience of their food. When you’re done with your meal, simply toss out our packaging and enjoy the rest of your day! The Old Greenwich Butcher Shop is here to help your holidays be smooth and joyful. 

Their staff is eager to provide the best experience when you walk through their doors. To elevate your satisfaction in our store, Old Greenwich Butcher Shop offers events catered for customers, as well as private and corporate butcher classes! Our events include brisket tours and barbeque catering, giving a unique, immersive, and delicious experience for our lucky patrons. Additionally, their sought-after butcher classes teach you how to become a first-class butcher with first-hand help from their own experts at Old Greenwich Butcher Shop! These classes include complimentary beer, wine, and mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres. These classes and events are personalized for customers like you, so why not try them out? 

Come see excellence for yourself at Old Greenwich Butcher Shop! They are proud to offer a vast variety of services, from hosting customizable events to catering for Thanksgiving. Contact them today at (203) 990-3155 or visit to book for your next event.