Corporate and Holiday Catering in Greenwich, CT

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially for those of whom that are planning to throw a holiday party. Whether it’s an Easter brunch, Fourth of July luncheon, or a Christmas dinner, providing food for a large group of family and friends can be a difficult task. This is why so many residents turn to Old Greenwich Butcher Shop for holiday catering in Greenwich.

 Being your trusted neighborhood butcher, it is our job to make sure that the appetites and cravings of you and your guests are pleasantly met at every special event or upcoming holiday. And by choosing catering, you can make sure the food is served in a timely fashion. Makes life a lot easier on the host!

Want to spend more time with your friends and family over the holidays and still serve delicious food? Playing host and chef at the same time requires a lot of energy and isn’t always easy to do. With catering, you don’t have to worry about preparing the menu weeks in advance, gathering ingredients days before, or meal-prepping in the morning. It can be quite a weight of responsibility off your shoulders, so let Old Greenwich Butcher Shop handle all of your catering needs during the holiday season.

 Parties don’t always go as planned. But as the finest professional caterers in Greenwich, we are experienced in the industry well enough to handle any problems that may occur. We strive to optimize the entire holiday feast-planning experience for our clients and can easily create a delectable, customized meal from specific roasts to specialty cuts.

 To make sure you’re ready for the next big holiday celebration, pre-order your meal at Old Greenwich Butcher Shop and we’ll have it delivered right to your door or office. Holiday catering in Greenwich has never been so easy. Order online or call ahead of time, then heat or just serve along with a selection of our wonderful sides and sauces. No pots to scrub, no overlooked ingredients! And we’ll even give you expert preparation tips to help you make your holiday meal as special as possible.

 Aside from offering holiday catering in Greenwich, we can also provide corporate catering. There are several reasons to hire a caterer for your next office lunch or executive meeting, ranging from high-level (it’s good for employee engagement) to very practical (your employees need to eat). Corporate catering also adds the benefits of allowing employees to remain at the office and interact with one another as opposed to leaving to get lunch for the afternoon or ten minutes before the next meeting.

 If you haven’t treated your employees to lunch yet, it’s worth considering. Studies show that 67% of employees are happier when they have food at work. Think of it as an investment in your workforce. By providing lunch once every month or so, you can boost engagement and develop a strong company culture. It’s a great way to get the team together and incite a productive, collaborative environment.

 At Old Greenwich Butcher Shop, we supply the freshest prime meats, poultry, pork, lamb, and house-made sausages as well as unique cooking tips and recipes for interested clients. We’re your local butcher shop, and we are committed to offering you the best service and quality when it comes to catering, family dinners, and lunches on the go. Whatever the occasion, our team of experts can help you complete any meal.

 Conveniently located in downtown Old Greenwich, our butcher shop has a simple mission: to provide the highest quality prime meats, gourmet sandwiches, grocery items, and butcher classes to the local community. We find engagement with our community fundamentally important, which is why we offer classes that can teach you how to become a first-class butcher from experts. Call for details.

 Interested in catering your next holiday celebration or corporate lunch? Look no further than Old Greenwich Butcher Shop. Our mouth-watering selection of gourmet dishes and freshly cut meats will be sure to deliver an edible ensemble that’s unbeatable anywhere else. For more information on how to prepare for your next big meal, call (203)990-3155 and ask about your catering options. We look forward to providing you with the best products and services!